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You don't need a cape or super powers to be a

Champion for the Red Cross!


Champions for the American Red Cross is a grassroots fundraising and awareness campaign that gives you the chance to make a big, lasting difference for the American Red Cross and the people it serves - and to be recognized for it, too!  Champions pledge to raise $1,000 each.  If you're up for this challenge, you can raise the money personally, as a company, an organization, or by hosting a fundraising event.  Companies may also become involved a Super Champions with support ranging from $5,000 to $10,000.


Why does the campaign exist?

Champions help to spread the word about the services the American Red Cross in New Mexico provides, and they also raise the money that supports local needs for disaster relief, services to armed forces (SAF) emergency communications, health and safety education and more.


Where and when is the Champions Campaign for the Red Cross taking place?

This dynamic Campaign will take place Statewide - throughout New Mexico beginning in January and culminating in March (Red Cross month).


Be a CHAMPION for Your American Red Cross!


Who is involved?

People in New Mexico and organizations they care about, such as businesses, clubs, schools, and religious institutions.  Those with the most fundraising success are those who can involve a group of people to support their efforts.

How do I get involved?

Contact the Red Cross at (505) 256-8791, email:, OR fill out the Volunteer Leadership Profile.


Ways to get involved


Oversee the entire campaign, recruit leadership Coaches who serve as committee members, arrange for and run campaign meetings, and provide support to campaign participants to ensure goals are met.



Recruit five Champions for the American Red Cross and support them as they each raise $1,000 for the Red Cross over the campaign period.



Raise or donate a minimum of $1,000 during the campaign and help spread the word about local Red Cross programs and services.



Volunteer to help support the Champions Campaign for the Red Cross in a number of ways including special event fundraisers, administrative, and organizational support.



We recognize our Co-Chairs, Honorary Chairs, Coaches, Champions, and Volunteers in their local newspaper, invite them to campaign events, and make sure they know that they're making a difference in the lives of the people who the Red Cross serves.

How do people fundraise?

  • You can raise money by any legal means that works for your group.  Here are some examples that have worked well in the past:
  • Large business - Host a denim day and charge your employees $5 to $20 to wear jeans for the day.
  • Fire departments and city officials - Host a boot drive on a couple busy corners for a morning.
  • Individuals - Send a letter or an e-mail to 50 friends and family asking them to support your effort to become a Champion at $20 each.
  • Small business - Donate 10% of your proceeds for the weekend.
  • Restaurant - Donate the proceeds from a specific menu selection(s) for a month and sell Champions Squares for a $1 suggested donation each.
  • Radio Station - Host an on-air drive.
  • School - Host a bake sale, organize a car wash, or read-a-thon and collect pledges per page.
  • University - Host a special event such as a theatre production and charge admission as a donation to the American Red Cross.

Take a look at the photo album below to see how your participation in the Champions for the Red Cross Campaign makes a difference for people in New Mexico every day.


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