American Red Cross
American Red Cross in New Mexico
- 60 Seconds of Giving Event Uses Change to Change Lives!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010 — The American Red Cross in New Mexico ’s “60-Seconds Of Giving” event - a program designed to give youth throughout the state a chance to save the lives of others through participation in fundraising and volunteerism - will begin in late October at schools statewide. 


Students will be instructed to bring in loose pocket change for one week and will spend one-minute collecting it October 21.  Local volunteers in each school district will gather money and calculate the totals at a local bank sponsor.  Final results will be promoted through local and statewide media. 


 “60 Seconds Of Giving” is a grassroots fundraising event designed to give younger people in our communities a chance to make a lasting difference for the American Red Cross in New Mexico and the many people it serves.  The goal is to engage students in active volunteerism and charity across the state in order to increase public disaster awareness in New Mexico , while creating a gateway for youth to realize the importance of volunteering at an early age.  It also provides a chance to show the significant difference young people can make when given the opportunity.   



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