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Why Support Red Cross New Mexico?

It is only through the steadfast support of our friends that Red Cross New Mexico is able to provide the programs and services that our community has come to depend upon. Every day, the American Red Cross is at work in the community - providing emergency relief to families affected by disaster, teaching life-saving safety courses - many services that you don't hear about on the evening news or in the daily paper, but services that make a difference in peoples' lives.  


How the Red Cross May Use Your Donation to Help Disaster Victims

  • $25 provides five blankets at an emergency shelter.


  • $75 can cover a doctor's visit for an individual injured in a disaster.


  •  $350 will provide emergency food and shelter for 25 disaster victims for one day.


  • $2,500 deploys one Emergency Response Vehicle and drivers (including housing and meals for drivers) to a disaster relief operation.


  • $3,200 is the average yearly maintenance and fuel for one Emergency Response Vehicle.


There are many options for donating to the Mid-Rio Grande Chapter of the American Red Cross.  You can . .


Donate Online with a credit card using our secure on-line form:



Donate by Phone
To make a credit card contribution by phone, call (505) 265-8514, or email us at to request information or to have a Red Cross representative contact you directly.


Donate by Mail
Print out the donation form, fill it out and send it to us, along with your credit card information or your check made payable to:

Mid-Rio Grande American Red Cross

Attn: Financial Development
142 Monroe Street NE
Albuquerque, NM 87108



Other Ways to Donate


Honorarium and Memorial Gifts

Looking for a special way to honor, pay tribute to or memorialize a loved one? Make a gift in his or her name to the American Red Cross Mid-Rio Grande Chapter. Help save lives while recognizing a special life.

In-Kind Donations 
In some instances, the American Red Cross Mid-Rio Grande Chapter accepts donations of goods and services such as office equipment and various other items. These donations are used to support chapter operations and help disaster victims locally and worldwide. For further information on making an in-kind donation, please contact Financial Development, by calling (505) 265-8514.

Planned Giving - Charitable Gift Annuities 
Would you like to make a very generous gift to the Red Cross, increase your annual income, and decrease your taxes? Many donors want to ensure that our work is funded for years to come. There are numerous ways to help Red Cross prepare for the future through gift planning; some options offer significant financial benefits for donors as well. For further information on Planned Giving, please call
(505) 265-8514 Ext 45.

Charitable gift annuity rates are as high as 12%.

     For further information on creative ways to make Financial Contributions, please contact Financial Development, by calling (505) 265-8514.


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